FNI - Wedding Towel Gift

FNI - Towel Gift

Here are the list of FNI wedding Towel Gift Collection. Please info the Code of Towel which you are interested in.

- Minimum Order 250Pcs
- Discount available at 350Pcs and above

Towel A - RM1.25/Pce

Towel B - RM1.10/Pce

Towel C - RM1.25/Pce

Towel D - RM1.45/Pce + Ribbon & Flower

Towel E - RM1.25/Pce

Towel F - RM1.25/Pce

Towel G - RM1.00/Pce

Towel H - RM1.10/Pce

Towel I - RM1.25/Pce

Towel J - RM1.10/Pce

Towel K - RM0.95/Pce

Towel L - RM1.30/Pce

Towel M - RM1.30/Pce + Plastic Cover & Name Tag

Towel N - RM1.15/Pce

Towel O - RM1.25/Pce

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