FNI - Name Tags

Assalamualaikum & Hi,

Custom Made Printed Name Tag.

- Name Tag apply to the paper bag, potpourri etc.

- Please Inform the code and message us.

- We Welcome If You Have An Own Design.
- Tag Come As Below Sample

- We accept order above 400Pcs only


Name Tag List

New Name Tag (Click Picture To View)
For A, B & H, Size: 4cm x 6cm
For C, D, E, F & G, Size: 6cm x 4cm
Price: RMo.20/Pce

R: RM0.15

S: RM0.20

S: RM0.20

A: RM0.20
B: RM0.15
C: RM0.15
D: RM0.20
E: RM0.20
F: RM0.20

G: RM0.20
H: RM0.15
I: RM0.15
J: RM0.15
K: RM0.15

L: RM0.20
M: RM0.20
N: RM0.20
0: RM0.15
P: RM0.20
Q: RM0.15