Favor Box - D.I.Y (2)

FAVOR BOX - D.I.Y Section 2


Welcome To FNI - D.I.Y Section 2.

Those who interested to fix the favor by themselves, here we offer Favor Boxes D.I.Y.

Currently Available For Self Lid Model At The Moment.

"Minimum Order 350Pcs"
"Discount Available For Purchasing Above Minimum Order"
"All Set Include Bouquet Name Tag"


Price & Items;
- RM0.95sen/Set
- Box (Include Adhesive)
- 60cm, 1/2" Satin Ribbon (Include Adhesive)
- Bouquet Name Tag As Below (Color As Per Your Wedding Theme)
- Box Size: 6cm x 6cm x 6cm

BBB Box Sample - Name Tag As Below, Ribbon At Your Own Choice

Bouquet Name Tag - Color As Per Your Wedding Theme

BBB-01 (Pink)

BBB-02 (Turqoise)

BBB-03 (Red)

BBB-04 (White)

BBB-05 (Orange)

BBB-06 (Purple)

BBB-07 (Brown)

BBB-08 (Green)